Group HSE Policy

How we deliver…

Safety & Acceptable Results in Mind…

We employ best practice safety standards to deliver curso power bi online our products and ensure compliance to all local and international Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations.

Our projects are never wanting in this area… Your expectation is our compass and we work to deliver to them, while aiming to minimise waste and rework…


The Company’s policy is to preserve at all times, the health of its staff and subcontractors through a high degree of personal hygiene and implementation of work procedures that are free from health risks. Emphasis will be placed on the promotion of total health concept and protection of the workers. Staff will be advised to stay away from harmful chemicals and encouraged to wear personal protective equipment. Regular medical examinations will be encouraged and new staff will go through medical examination before joining the Company.


BGL will carry out its activities in such a way that the lives of all our employees and other people who may be connected with our operations are safeguarded. The company will ensure adequate provisions of personnel protective Equipment and that personnel adhere strictly to the safety precautions required in any area of its operations. To maintain a high safety standard, the company will develop and train all staff in safety, health and environmental matters. For all projects, a detailed safety plan will be written and site management will be responsible for its implementation to ensure adherence.


The environment policy of Broadlink Global Limited is to ensure that the environment in which its operations are carried out are preserved and that work is carried out in a clean and tidy environment. To this end, BGL will insist that;

Good housekeeping is adhered to.

Industrial and domestic wastes generated in the course of our operations are adequately disposed of in accordance with Local or International Regulations.

No work will be performed unless it is performed safely and without any safety or environmental risk.

Environmental issues will be ranked equal to production (product or service to be delivered)